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4 March 1986

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I love to read, write, fiddle around with layouts, make icons and procrastinate like mad. I also like to spent time with my family, my cats, watch tv and crawl underneath the blankets in my pyjamas on cold and/or rainy days. << Really, that last bit's heaven.

I'm a fan of slash and gen {fic}. That's not to say I go around slashing every available -- and unavailable -- guy in sight or dismiss {canon} hetero couples altogether. I don't, but I won't let anything stop me from fangirling over a pair I like either. Be they gay together or not. =3 Yes, even if it defies canon that way.

So, if you are opposed to slash and/or fangirling I suggest you steer clear of this journal. I know it can be ugly sometimes most of the time sometimes. I'm a hypocrite. %D

Hmmm, as you can see I'm all ramble-ramble-ramble. I will have to redo this eventually. At least it all looks a bit more decent right now... The perfectionist side of me gives me headaches sometimes.


At the moment my journal is semi friends-only. Sometimes I feel an entry has gotten too emotionally out of hand to be shown to a careless viewer, so I put those behind lock and key.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm a slash fan and like to fangirl over certain pairings and shows and who knows what else. That is... when I write in my journal at all. I hate to admit it, but I'm not much of a journal/diary person. I have a history of suddenly going on a temporary hiatus -- sometimes because of my lousy internet connection, other times because I'm busy with games, family matters, etc. -- but thankfully I still get the occasional nudge from my dear friends. They care, which makes me blush. = ]

Many of my earlier posts consisted of Dutch gibberish. The main reason I started this journal was to improve my Dutch, but once I started making friends -- English ones ;P -- I felt it impolite to continue posting in Dutch. When I'm tired I might revert back to my native language and go off on a tangent, but those times will be few and far between. Pinky swear. Besides, it's not as if I excell in the English language. 'Tis good practice either way.

My friending policy: I love to make new friends. When we've got at least something in common I won't hesitate to add you as a friend when asked. But I'm quessing I will be most likely the one doing the asking when it comes to it. ;P


The fandoms I'm currently interested in are NCIS, Man from UNCLE, Gundam Wing, Star Wars & Tales of the Abyss.

Click on the polaroid picture to be taken to the
Gibbs/Ducky comm 'Old Friends and Lovers' >>

There's a longer list, of course. But to get them all would require time. Time which I would rather spent on conquering my writer's block or fiddling around with Gimp and NCIS screenshots. ;P So maybe another time. Here's a short version for now, though. Because pimping fandoms is fun.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Russell/Edward
  • Gravitation: ASKsome
  • Gundam Wing: Duo/Heero
  • Man From UNCLE: Napoleon/Illya
  • NCIS: Gibbs/Ducky
  • Sapphire & Steel: Silver/Steel
  • Star Wars: Dash/Luke
  • Tales of Symphonia: Regal/Zelos
  • Tales of The Abyss: Ash/Luke
  • Weiss Kreuz: Yoji/Aya


I have a sort of on again/off again relationship when it comes to fandoms. I guess it's one of the major drawbacks when you dabble in too many at once... %D


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